Privacy Policy

Data treatment policy in accordance with the article 13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679

In compliance with the EU regulations 2016/679 we will provide you with the information regarding the treatment modes of your personal data.

Purposes of the treatment

- Activities strictly connected to and instrumental to the management of the customer relationship;
- advertisement activities;
- commercial activities;
- supply of goods and services;
- bookkeeping activities (invoices, predisposition of deposits).
- The Near mobile application offers features that acquire data relating to the user's geographical location (GPS, Wi-FI, GSM network).
The collection of this data allows the use of the "Near Areas" localization service and the use of its contents.
These services will be activated following an authorization provided by the user when starting the application.
At any time, the user can still activate or deactivate the geolocation services by accessing the appropriate location permission section of the operating system of their device.
The system does not perform any historicization of the geolocation data, preventing both a continuous view of the user's position and a possible reconstruction of the relative paths.

Treatment modes

The data gathered will be treated either automatically or manually, with modes and instruments aimed at ensuring the maximum security and privacy, by specific subjects.

Scopes of communication and diffusion

Your data will not be diffused, but it might be comunicated to other socities linked to or associated with PRT SISTEMI SRL, in accordance with the law, or to third parties which fall under the following categories:

- parties which supply IT management services to PRT SISTEMI SRL and telecommunications networks (including emails);
- offices and societies which work for the assistance and consultancy business;
- Parties providing control, revision and certification of business activities put in place by PRT SISTEMI SRL, in the interest of the clientele;

The parties belonging to the aforementioned categories either act as those responsible for the data treatment or operate in complete autonomy as separate treatment holders. The list of such parties is constantly updated and it is available at the PRT SISTEMI SRL headquarters. Any extra communication or diffusion of data will take place only with your explicit consent.

Data conservation period

At the end of the service, the personal data will be kept exclusively for historical or statistical purposes, in accordance to the laws, regulations and codes of deontology set out in article 40 of the European regulations 2016/679, for a usual period of 10 years, or, if not subject to any specific regulation, for a period of time not exceeding five years. After such deadline, the personal data will either be kept in an anonymous form, or be deleted.

Nature of the conferment

The voluntary conferment of your personal data to PRT SISTEMI SRL is optional , however you might find yourself ineligible to access the services necessary for the fulfilling of some financial, contractual and fiscal obligations. The holder of the company also notes that the eventual lack of communication or a wrong communication of one of the mandatory information has the following consequences:

- The impossibility on the holder’s part to grant the congruity to the established contractual agreements;
-The potential lack of communication of the results of the treatment itself.

You will be able to assert your rights as expressed in articles 15,16,17,18,19 and 20 of the EU regulations 2016/679, by addressing the holder or the person in charge of the treatment.

Finally, we also inform you that article 13 also gives the concerned people the possibility to obtain from the holder of the treatment the following things:

- The confirmation of whether or not your data exist even if not registered and the right to access them in a readable format;
- The right to know the origin of the data, the logistics and the purposes behind their treatment;
- The cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form, or the block of your data in case of unlawful conduct, and also the update, rectification and integration of the aforementioned data.

The people concerned can oppose, for legitimate reasons, the treatment of their data, especially if it is used for commercial purposes or to make direct sales and market surveys.
The holder of the treatment is PRT SISTEMI SRL, base in Via Nino Bixio 22, Cremona.